Impressions: Capcom Captivate 2012

Over the past week a lot of media including interviews, previews, gameplay and more were released across several video game journalism sites. Lost Planet 3, DmC: Devil May Cry, Resident Evil 6, Street Fighter vs. Tekken (Vita) and other games were covered at the event.

Lets recap the event. A new trailer for Resident Evil 6 was released introducing, not yet confirmed, Ada Wong. Next up, DmC, which has been taking heat. There is a new trailer of our hero getting dressed and several gameplay vids. A new cinematic trailer revealed Lost Planet 3 coming next year, six new fighters will appear in Street Fighter X Tekken on the Vita, Dragon's Dogma showed off new enemies and Steel Battalion received a new trailer and co-op gameplay.

We've seen stuff from Dragon's Dogma and there's nothing really new about Street Fighter vs. Tekken except the additional characters. What really stole the show was DmC and RE6. DmC is currently being developed by Ninja Theory and we haven't seen much from the game but the gameplay is Devil May Cry through and through. Dante may look different but Ninja Theory has managed to maintain the combat that everyone has come to love about the series. On the Resident Evil 6 front the new trailer digs deeper into the story, gives you glimpses of new characters and then slaps you in the face with a new release date. It will now drop a month earlier on October 2nd. There was no gameplay but from the first trailer that was released Capcom is changing things up and it looks good.

In all, the Capcom Captivate event had something for everyone. Capcom has a big year ahead of them.


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