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Noctis Joins Tekken 7 Roster

It was a busy weekend and I completely missed this one, but being a long-time fan of the fighting series I always enjoy these little surprises. Final Fantasy XV 's Noctis will be going the ranks of Jin and the rest. Granted I would have loved to see one of the older Tekken characters returning like say Bruce or even Gon, just for laughs. However, seeing as we have Akuma from Street Fighter in the game what's another crossover character. I do like how they've made his moves part of his fighting style and it looks to work well with all the new mechanics of Tekken 7. --- Courtesy of Games News Network & Bandai Namco Entertainment

Weighing In: Are Single-Player Games Dying

There has been an ongoing debate as to the current state of the video game industry as it concerns single-player games and if it's dying out. Now, I can completely understand where this is coming from in light of recent trends where games have adopted more of a service model to get gamers to shell out more money over time. I have my own grievances with that but I won't go into that here. With that being said, I have to say that I don't believe that single-player games are on their way out. Here's why. While more and more games are becoming multiplayer focused with the inclusion of certain services, take for instance  Overwatch  and more recently PUBG  but let's not also forget Assasin's Creed Origins . We're seeing that games are coming with ways for publishers to get gamers to spend more than just the price of the game. If it's not a season pass or special editions of these games then there are loot boxes and add-ons to make the game more accessib

Introducing Moira

And in regular Blizzard fashion for Blizzcon. This year we're also getting a new warrior on the Overwatch roster. Let me take the time to introduce to you, Moira. She's a bit of an unusual one to say the lease but that's to be expected from  Overwatch . --- Courtesy of Games News Network