Sleeping Dogs Dated and More

Square Enix has announced a release date for their upcoming title, Sleeping Dogs. The game will be released on August 14th for the PS3 and Xbox 360. However, this wasn't the only news from Square. They have also announced several retail specific preorder bonuses. See Below

Amazon: ‘Martial Arts’ Pack:
  • Shaolin Showdown Mission
  • Shaolin Warrior outfit (with increased striking damage)
  • Bonus Triad XP points
  • Wing Chun decoration for safehouse (with temporary combat buff)
Best Buy: ‘Georges St. Pierre (GSP)’ Pack:
  • GSP’s signature “flying punch”
  • Exclusive GSP outfit including T-shirts, headband and shorts
  • GSP’s outfit unlocks the “flying punch” and increases grappling and throwing damage
GameStop: ‘Police Protection’ Pack:
  • Exclusive “High Speed” Mission
  • Exclusive HK Police SWAT Outfit
  • Exclusive assault rifle
  • Exclusive SWAT Police Vehicle
It's good to see the game will be available relatively soon and the preorder bonuses come as no surprise.


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