Weekly Discussion: Retailer Specific Pre-Order Incentive

As a consumer society we like, need and want different things and with a variety of options getting them can easily be achieved. When you apply this to the video game industry you get games in the various versions, from Regular to Limited Editions, to Collector’s and Deluxe Editions. In addition to these editions, retailers often take it upon themselves to offer pre-order incentives. Pre-Ordering will give you access to a specific item, weapon or accessory, a discount or some other incentive that is unique to the store to get customer to buy from that retailer.

In 2011 we saw several games receive the incentives treatment and a few that received retailer specific incentives. Its now 2012 and retailers are back at it again. Mass Effect 3 and Prototype 2 have both been given retailer specific incentive months before their launch and you can guarantee a lot more will follow. As a result, gamers have to choose the incentive they really want but not necessarily from their regular retailer. Often times this leaves an incomplete feeling when you get an incentive from one retailer but not the other. Gamers want the complete package when they buy a game, especially ones they love, and not have to wait months for DLC to be satisfied.

This week’s discussion is all about those pre-order incentives.
What do you think of the practice of offering incentives for games? Does it really matter? What about collector’s editions, are they worth it? Is this an effective way of luring gamers [a la carrot on a stick] to choose a specific retailer? Wouldn’t it be better to put incentives into one package and offer it as day-one DLC? Do you see this practice increasing or decreasing in the future?


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