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2011 A Year in Video Game Review

As 2011 begins to power down and 2012 lurks in the shadows, let’s take some time to look back at the games we’ve played this year. In 2010 I changed my Xbox status to say “2010 was a great year but 2011 will break all records” and I have to say that it did. The past year, the video game industry, was absolutely brilliant for both hardcore and casual gamers. It saw a plethora of great games that appealed to a broad audience. There were sequels, prequels, reboots and new IPs all vying for our time.

Now I don’t want to go into all the games of this year but I would like mention a few that really made the year in gaming so spectacular. It all started with Isaac Clarke’s harrowing trek through Dead Space 2, a return to Netherrealm with Mortal Kombat, averting alien control in Crysis 2, choosing your side in Infamous 2, solving puzzles in Portal 2 and even catching them all with Pokemon Black & White. This short list opened the flood gates for games in the beginning of the year and as t…


So...? I’ve never done this before, where do I start? I guess I’ll start where every great game starts at the beginning. My name is Kerwin Butts, but for this blog I’ll be using the moniker SuperString Gamer or SS Gamer. Quantum Game Theory is my first blog and in no way am I a professional blogger or writer. As the name implies this is a video game related blog which will include all the fundamental topics. The Video Game Industry is ever growing and as such it provides us—the gamers, with many opportunities to experience new and exciting adventures.

I am writing this blog because I love video games as a medium and the Industry. I’m hoping that I can show fellow gamers, bloggers, or anyone who has an interest, another side to the industry. Quantum Game Theory’s goal is to evaluate, elaborate and to show esteem for every video game and related information. I know there are sites out there that have been doing this for years but I’ve always liked working outside the box, meaning I w…