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Mass Effect 3: Levithan Trailer

The Mass Effect 3's DLC Leviathan is scheduled to be released on the 28th promising to  further expand our knowledge of the Reapers. New weapons, locations and a gripping story are enclosed within this upcoming package. Check out the new trailer below.

Inside Assassin's Creed III

Assassin's Creed III is set to be an amazing game. Today Ubisoft is starting a new series that will take an in depth look at what goes into making sure a groundbreaking game. Welcome to Episode One: Making a Masterpiece. This first video of four touches on our hero Connor, the area and the AnvilNext engine.

Dishonored - The Study of Stealth

A new video from Bethesda highlights the importance of sticking to the shadows in the upcoming Dishonored. 

News Byte: FFXIII Teaser Site Launches

A new site for Final Fantasy XIII has going live. This site is aimed at series protagonist Lightning and will provide information on a new direction for her. The site is set to reveal all of this on September 1st which is the 25th Anniversary of Final Fantasy. There isn't much on the teaser site but you can check it out HERE and be sure to check back in a few days to see what Square has in mind.

News Byte: Spec Ops Gets Co-op Multiplayer

2K Games has announced that a co-operative multiplayer modes is now available for download for all who own a copy of Spec Ops: The Line. The new mode features four objective based missions with different playable characters across different locations.

This download is out now on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

Diablo III Gets Paragon System

Blizzard isn't just giving you better improvements on legendary weapon and character class with the upcoming 1.0.4 patch. They are also introducing the Paragon system, this system lets players who've reached the level cap to still earn experience in the form of paragon levels. What are Paragon levels? Well these are levels that go from 1 to 100 and will award the player character with certain stat boosts as well as a 3% to gold and magic find.

With this new addition patch 1.0.4 is looking like one hell of an update. This opens a whole new way for plays to tackle gold and item find with it maxing out at 300% once you hit the paragon level cap and adds hours of playtime. Dust off those level 60 characters. 

For more information check out the official Diablo III Blog.

This Week In Video Game Releases

We're set to have another big week in video game releases. There's something for everyone this week, so let's take a look at what's on tap for video game releases:

Nintendo DS/DSiWare/3Ds
Abyss [08/23]New Super Mario Bros. 2 [08/19]VectorRacing [08/23]iPhone/iPad
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive  [08/21]Disciples III: Gold Edition  [08/21]Galaxy On Fire 2 Full HD  [08/21]Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2  [08/21]Transformers: Fall of Cybertron  [08/21]Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition  [08/24]Jagged Alliance: Crossfire  [08/24]Sony PlayStation 3/Network
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive  [08/21]Legasista  [08/21]Retro/Grade [08/21]Transformer: Fall of Cybertron [08/21]Way of the Samurai 4 [08/21]
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure HD Ver. [08/22]Sony PS Portable/Vita
NO PSP RELEASES SCHEDULED THIS WEEKMetal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty HD Collection [08/21]Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater HD Collection [08/21]Nintendo Wii/WiiWare

Splinter Cell Blacklist E3 Extended Walkthrough

At E3 this year Ubisoft revealed the return of Sam Fisher after the events of Conviction. The extended trailer, with commentary, shows off what changes and added will be making it way to Blacklist when it hist stores.

Dead Space 3 Weapon Customization

Here's your first look at how Dead Space 3 will let you create and customize you weapons and a completely different level. User blueprints to build you standard weapons or start from scratch and build a weapon of your choice. 

You can finally put your two favorite weapons together to create mass mayhem. I love it.

Hitman Absolution Gets Contracts Mode

More news out of Gamescom, IO Interactive and Square Enix has announced a new mode for Hitman Absolution aptly dubbed Contracts. In Contracts mode you create and share you own assassination challenges. You select your location, the marks, weapons and rules; then set out to see who can score the highest.

I'll take it, the more I see of Absolution the more I can't wait to play it and now they introduce a way for me to challenge other players--give me the game now.

Metal Gear Rising: Revengence Trailer

The new Metal Gear Rising: Revengence trailer that was released from Gamescom shows what we've seen before and adds somethings new. What is  new about the trailer is that release date at the end of February 21, 2013.

Capcom Announces Remember Me

Capcom has announced a new IP today at Gamescom. Remember Me is a third-person Action-Adventure game that uses memory manipulation as a gameplay mechanic. Remember Me comes from Dontnod Entertainment based out of France and you play as Nilin who happens to be an elite memory hunter.
Going by the gameplay trailer this is definitely one to watch. I'm a big fan of games like this so I'll be following its progress until it's released in May 2013.

Gamescom Under Way

You may or may not have realized but Gamescom is in full swing. Trailers, news, announcements are all coming from the gaming convention in Germany. To manage the influx of videos that is getting posted daily I'm creating another Youtube playlist where I'll add all the relevant videos and then I'll make specific posts about certain ones. You can see this playlist as the Gamescom menu option on the Main Page.

News Byte: People Can Fly Now Under Epic Games

People Can Fly, the developer behind Bulletstorm and the upcoming Gears of War: Judgement game, has become part of Epic Games after Epic fully acquired the company.

Lego Lord of the Rings Trailer

I thoroughly enjoy my experiences with Traveller's Tales Lego games. Star Wars, Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean and now The Lord of the Rings. It will be the second Lego game to include voiced characters, which in I've come to learn doesn't decrease from the overall entertainment and humor of the game.

Neo Geo X Coming This December

SNK Playmore has announced that the Neo Geo X will be released on December 9th. The handheld, which features a 4.3" LCD screen, will cost $199 and will come with twenty pre-installed games. If you're looking to see if your favorite game made the cut see the list below.


Borderlands 2: Come and Get Me Trailer

We all know who is the bad guy in Borderlands 2 is, but if you don't let me introduce you to Handsome Jack. He has a word or two for the vault hunters and according to him it'll take quite the arsenal to stop him.

News Byte: Jet Set Radio Release Date

If you're like me and you've been eagerly awaiting the Jet Set Radio HD remake then you should be  happy to know that the game has an official release date. Here's the breakdown; the game will drop on XBLA and Steam September 19th for 800MSP, on PlayStation Network September 18th for $10 (with Plus subscribers getting it on September 11th and the PS Vita on October 16th for $10.

This Week In Video Game Releases

A new week and a new list of releases, let's get right into it shall we. Here's what's on tap for this week in video game releases:

Nintendo DS/DSiWare/3DS
Darksiders II [08/14]Sleeping Dogs [08/14]Iron Brigade [08/13]Sony PlayStation 3/Network
Darksiders II [08/14]Sleeping Dogs [08/14]Papo & Yo [08/14]Sony PlayStation Portable/Vita
The Last Story [08/14]Microsoft Xbox360/XBLA
Darksiders II [08/14]Sleeping Dogs [08/14]Dust: An Elysian Tail [08/15]

DmC New Gameplay Trailer

Another game I'm eagerly awaiting is the reboot of Devil May Cry--DmC. I've realized that Ninja Theory has their hats on right and although Dante's appearance has changed, this will be a Devil May Cry game through and through. The new trailer shows off some platforming and combat which culminates into a familiar boss fight.

OUYA Kickstarter Ends

When the OUYA kickstarter first launched I don't think anyone would have anticipated the amount of support it would receive and man did it receive a lot of support. The OUYA kickstarter capped off yesterday well above its initial goal of 950K and ended at a little above 8.5M with over 63, 000 backers. This is clearly a node to the big three, OUYA is here and it's going to be big.
Since it's announcement there have been several big reveals about OUYA; the first is that it will allow for streaming games using Onlive, they've announced their first 1st party title-Human Element, and several media streaming services will also be part of OUYA including VEVO, iHeartRadio, XBMC and TuneIn. Additionally OUYA has partnered with Square Enix to put Final Fantasy III on the console.
OUYA is causing quite a stir and you can expect more news before anyone can get their hands on the console which is expected to ship to backers in March 2013 and to everyone else sometime after.

Halo 4 Weapon Armory Trailer

Halo 4, the return of Master Chief and Cortana, is just a few short months away. We know a little about the single-player campaign and have been given a brief look at the enemies. We've also seen the multiplayer and how it's been integrated with its own campaign. But today what 343 Industries is giving us is a look at some of the weapons in the game, specifically UNSC ones. In the trailer we see old favorites with a new look and new ones that pack quick a kick. 

News Byte: SSX Download Adds New Modes

EA has given SSX fans more reasons to shred the slopes. A new download for the game opens up two new modes. The first being Free Ride which allows you to tackle any slope just for fun--no objectives or time limit. The other is an online multiplayer mode call 3-2-1 Go!, which pits five riders against each other in either Trick It or Race It.

If you were looking for a reason to get back on your board here it is. Let your competitive side out for a spot of multiplayer or just free ride the slopes.

Mass Effect 3 Bounty Weekend

Operation Olympus kicks off this weekend. This Mass Effect 3 Bounty Weekend event will include the following tasks and rewards:

Squad Goal: Full extraction from Firebase London using any Kit on any difficulty
Allied Goal: Using any Kit/ Map combination against any enemy, complete wave 10 on a combined community total of 200,000 Bronze missions, 175,000 Silver missions and 70,000 Gold missions.
Special Circumstance: None
Squad Goal Success: All squad members awarded a Commendation Pack
Allied Goal Success: All players awarded a Victory Pack

Courtesy of Bioware Blog

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World Game Gets Online Co-op

I still remember the day when I first started reading Scott Pilgrim and how excited I was to play the game. The afternoons spent with my brother in co-op were an absolute blast. However, what Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World: The Game lacked was an online co-op mode. Ubisoft has set their sights on correcting that and will be releasing DLC on August 19th to add online co-op and a new character, Wallace Wells. The DLC is set at $5/400MSP and will be available on the Xbox 360 and PS3, with the PS3 version likely coming later.

I'm sold, I'm curious to see how Mr. Wells plays, so I will be adding this to my game when it drops. What would be really sweet is Ubisoft adding some of the X's as playable characters.

Black Ops II Multiplayer Trailer

I'm always taken aback by how impressive the Call of Duty trailers are and the new multiplayer reveal trailer is no exception. New weapons, weapon attachments, perks and more make for one hell of a good time.

New Byte: THQ Cancels Insane

Word has come from THQ that they have cancelled production on the Insane trilogy. THQ in conjunction with Volition Studios and Guillermo Del Toro were working on the project when it was first announced back in 2010. This news is sure to disappoint a few people and I'm guessing Del Toro isn't too happy about this either. Well at least he still has rights to the game, so all is not lost.

Darksiders II Gameplay Trailer

It was just this morning that I was totting at how much I want Darksiders II. So what does Vigil do, they release a new gameplay trailer showing off some of deaths finer points.

Darksider II Gets Survival Arena

With Darksiders II set to be released in a week, Vigil has released another bit of information about the game. You will be able to play as Death and challenge waves of enemies in the games Arena Survival Mode. The Arena Survival Mode is set to see you fight five waves of enemies with the fifth wave being a boss fight. At the end of each set of waves you will be given the option to collect and item and quit or continue on up to the last wave [100] for better loot.

Vigil also announced that Darksiders II will feature a New Game+ that lets you take your skills and equipment into the next playthrough. 

Words cannot express how much I want to play this game. I thought War was a bad-ass in Darksider but Death brings a whole different attitude and cool that makes me want to see how he handles things.

The video(from IGN) below gives you a glimpse of the Arena mode and you can also checkout the official Darksiders page for more info and announcements.

New PS3 Collections Announced

Sony has announced today two new collections coming to the PlayStation 3 later this month. Infamous and God of War Saga join the list of already released and upcoming collections. God of War Saga will include God of War 1, 2 and 3 with addition to the two PlayStation Portable titles; while the Infamous Collection will include the two games in the series and the Festival of Blood DLC. These collections are schedule to be released on August 28 alongside the Ratchet & Clank Collection.

I don't know what to think about this announcement, part of me is saying Okay and the other is screaming "What the Hell Sony". It's too soon.

Courtesy of GameInformer

This Week In Video Game Releases

It's time to get back in the swing of things, the video game hiatus is almost over. It may have been  slow the last few weeks but things are starting to pick up. The shift is already evident from the several news items that came out of the industry last week. So let's jump into in and take a look at what's on tap for this week:

Nintendo DS/DSiWare/3DS
Commando: Steel Disaster [08/09]Touch Battle Tank 3D [08/09]Apple iPhone/iPad
Unmechanical [08/09]PC
Deponia [08/06]Symphony [08/06]Hero Academy [08/08]Unmechanical [08/08]The Amazing Spider-Man [08/10]Sony PlayStation 3/Network
Persona 4 Arena [08/07]Sound Shapes [08/07]Sony PS Portable/Vita
NO PSP RELEASES SCHEDULED THIS WEEKSound Shapes [08/07]Nintendo Wii/WiiWare
Persona 4 Arena [08/07]Hybrid [08/08]

Mass Effect 3 Single-Player DLC Announced

BioWare has announced today the first piece of Mass Effect 3 single-player DLC headed to the ME 3 universe. Leviathan will see players searching the galaxy for something powerful enough kill a reaper. Players will also delve deeper into the origins of the reapers. The Leviathan DLC will be available later this summer for $10/800 MSP.

Additionally BioWare has also revealed the FireFight weapon pack which will feature several powerful weapons for your single-player campaign. This will cost $2/160 MSP and be available on August 7th.

Head over to the official BioWare Blog for more details including the first look at ME 3 on Wii U.

Sleeping Dogs: Police Investigation Gameplay

With Sleeping Dogs [formerly True Crime:  Hong Kong] set to be released on August 14th, United Front Games has released another gameplay video. This time it focuses on Police Investigations.

Arm of Two: The Devil's Cartel Announced

Hot off the presses, the next Army of Two game has been announced. The Devil's Cartel will be the next title in the third-person co-op shooter. In The Devil's Cartel you won't be playing as Salem or Rios but will have two new heroes, Alpha and Bravo, who will take you on an adventure through the streets of Mexico. This announcement comes from GameInformer as they've revealed their September cover of the GameInformer magazine. Head over there to see the full article and be sure to get the September issue for a more indept look.

AC III AnvilNext Trailer

Assassin's Creed III makes its way to gamers come October 31st with a slew of new changes including a new hero, more enemies onscreen at a time and numerous gameplay tweaks and additions. Check out the trailer below for a look at the engine behind AC III.

Thoughts\Opinion: The Amazing Spider-Man

There's a Spider-Man fan in each of us and over the last few years Beenox has managed to spin a different web for the wall crawler. Their latest installment, The Amazing Spider-Man, tries a few new things for the develop and brings back a few features that will be familiar to those who've played a spidey game or two. Does Beenox manage to create a new experience or did they miss the mark? Here's my opinion on The Amazing Spiderman.

Let's start with the story, which takes place some time after the Amazing Spider-Man movie. The basic premise of the story is that a bunch of cross species have gotten free from Oscorp and it's sorta Spidey's fault. It's now up to you to stop them, all while finding a cure for the disease that they are spreading around the city. There is a bit of depth and dimension in the story as Spider-Man struggles against the cross-species and Oscorp, who is also out the get the cross species--him included.The story is good but is easily forg…