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Review Round-Up: Trials Evolution

We all remember the joy and frustration that came with Trial HD. Now we get to relive these ups and downs with Trials Evolution. The only difference, there is a lot more than just that this time around. Let's see what the critics have to say:

MetaCritic:   91/100

Destructoid:   9.0/10
Trials Evolution feels fresh and makes its predecessor look dated while simultaneously keeping the core gameplay the same. This type of skill-heavy experience will infuriate some people who struggle to pick up on its subtleties, but the end result of clearing a particularly challenging track is remarkably satisfying. Multiplayer is a fine addition, as is the new focus on providing genuinely creative, diverse level designs.

Evolution is a must-buy for fans of Trials and it also serves as a terrific starting point for new players. It can, at times, be maddening beyond belief, but the payoff is so worth it.
GameInformer:   9.0/10
Playing against friends or Xbox Live strangers can be entertaining, but the real fun and challenge of Trials Evolution lies in the single-player experience. Even though you may not be facing off against live opponents, the social element of the game does a remarkable job conveying a sense of competition. You’re constantly aware of how you stack up to your friends, whether it’s via an indicator during a course or a leaderboard afterwards. I started playing this game before it was released, so I didn’t really get to see these elements at first. Even then, I constantly felt like I wanted to improve my times and get a higher medal rating. Once the game went live and I saw the leaderboards light up, it made the addictive qualities of Trials Evolution exponentially stronger. My achievement list may tell me that I’ve completed the game, but the quality of the experience and social elements ensures that my time with it is nowhere near over.
IGN:   9.0/10
Trials has cleverly adapted to its environment and become even more of an everyman's game. It's still incredibly challenging, but the hill to the hardest levels is less steep. The thrills are more thrilling. Track sharing and multiplayer make it more communal. Rarely have I played a game that better caters to all walks of players.
GameSpot:   8.5/10
Though on a core level Trials Evolution is very similar to its predecessor, it does everything bigger and better. The triumph of conquering a tough track, the thrill of tallying a speedy time, and the creative adventure of making your own track and playing the crazy creations of others all conspire to make this one super sequel.
OXM UK:   8.0/10
If our understanding of natural selection is correct, and animals evolve by having their most rubbish limbs hacked off by an invisible nature-ghost, and their best bits made longer and even more exciting, Trials Evolution has been accurately titled. It adds visual punch, improved multiplayer, a better sense of progression (as new licenses must now be acquired to unlock further tracks) and an intimidatingly powerful editor with the potential to punt the game's longevity into the stratosphere. For 1,200 MP this is as unmissable an XBLA title as its predecessor and, while it's not quite an= evolution, it's certainly an example of intelligent design.


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