E3 2012

In a few short days, 3 days 21 hours and 17 minutes to be exact. E3 2012 will be underway. There will be the press conference for the big three, Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo, as well as Ubisoft and Square Enix--among others. Going by all the pre-E3 news and clips that have been released so far, it's safe to say that E3 this year will be very impressive this year.

Most of you are like me and are unable to attend this event, so what are our options? Well several sites including Gametrailers will be stream the major press conferences as they happen. You can also watch several of them on SpikeTV. You can keep track of all the latest news out of E3 by visiting sites like Kotaku and IGN. Oh, I'm sure G4TV will also have coverage of E3 so you can also check their site and channel.

Several site has already put up their E3 prediction and I've avoided them. I want to be wowed when I see what comes out of E3 next week. I don't have really have predictions but I know there are certain games that I'd like to see gameplay fire; especially Assassins Creed III,  Halo 4 and I can't get enough footage from the new DmC: Devil May Cry.

Get all your pages bookmarked and channels set, before you know it E3 will be upon us and the awesome it brings will consume you for three days.


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