Elder Scrolls Online Revealed

In what is turning out to be quite a week for game news, GameInformer has revealed that Elder Scrolls Online is in fact real and it is coming. In the June issue of the magazine, available digitally May 8th, GameInformer details various aspects of the game; from it taking place across the entire Tamriel, to the timeline being set a millennium before Skyrim.

You'll also get to take a look at how questing is done, the dungeons and take a glimpse at PvP done Elder Scrolls style. Make sure to check out GameInformer regularly as they will have multiple exclusive updates about the game over the coming weeks.

Elder Scrolls Online is slated to be released in 2013 on both PC and Mac.

This will definitely be an issue worth reading, not just for Elder Scrolls Online but for all the other games that will be featured.


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