Review Round-Up: FEZ

The unique world that we traverse in Fez lends itself to a unique take on the platforming genre. There is much to discover as Gomez solves puzzles and explores this 3D world using a 2D perspective. Let's take a look at what the critics have to say:

MetaCritic:   90/100

OXM UK:   10/10
There's absolutely no doubt that Fez is essential. As a fan of games in general, you should consider it required reading - it's one of the smartest, most charming games you'll ever play, let alone just this year or this console generation. Somehow Polytron has constructed something that tweaks our nostalgia for the 16-bit era and yet presents fresh, imaginative challenges.
It's mentally taxing, but big and open enough that it's rarely frustrating. It's extremely accessible but sophisticated where it matters, so it never feels patronising. These are all extremely long winded ways of saying it's very good and you should buy it immediately.
IGN:   9.5/10
The sum of Fez’s intelligent level designs, perception mechanic, massive number of stages and secrets, and incredible art is so much more than just a shout-out to old-school gaming. Fez is a game in love with games. It has a respect for classic ideals and a confidence in its original ideas. Polytron draws on this to remind players why they fell in love with video games in the first place, all the while daring to make them think about the medium from a new perspective.
GameInformer:   9.3/10
The most striking moments and puzzles of Fez are the ones I’m most reticent to spoil. The initial core mechanic of changing your perspective on the level is actually a preface for deeper layers of gameplay. Whether it’s the subtle shifts in lighting during the day and night cycle of a level, translating seemingly meaningless symbols into meaningful clues, or even paying attention to the specific vibrations of your controller, Fez challenges players to think and see in new ways. It’s a puzzle game with genuine moments of revelation and subtlety, and deserves all the acclaim it will undoubtedly receive.
GameTrailers:   9.0/10
Keenly channeling the wit and spirit of a bygone age while keeping its stubby little feet firmly planted in the present, Fez is a remarkable little gem of a game that truly deserves the attention it’s been given in its long maturation period. Gamers with an insatiable wanderlust will definitely find their fill in this exuberant celebration of adventure that a wistful glance at what these kinds of games used to be in our memories, and an intriguing look at how they could continue to evolve.
Destructoid:   9.0/10
All this amusement is wrapped up in a beautiful presentation. Yes, the "8-bit" art style is nothing new these days, but the character design is lovely, and FEZ's commitment to environmental variety keeps it feeling fresh throughout the entire journey. Whether you're entering lighthouses, exploring ancient temples, or climbing trees in thunderstorms, the world of FEZ remains consistently enthralling. Environments are brought further to life by an astonishing soundtrack, with music that powers through its limiting "retro" flavor to provide some truly inspiring tunes that build to intense crescendos. FEZ's music is simply sublime, and deserves to be hailed among the greats.


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