Review Round-Up: Prototype 2

We head back into NYZ with the infected. This time around you're not Mercer but Heller; out for revenge, destroying everything and anyone in his path. Let's take a look at what the critics have to say about our return to the big city:

MetaCritic:   75/100

GameInformer:   8.5/10
Prototype 2 has officially redeemed this franchise. The mechanics feel the way you wished they would have in the first installment, and it’s a rush to abuse your incredible powers any way you see fit. If you’ve stayed away from the first game because of the lackluster word of mouth, don’t hesitate to jump right into the sequel. A slick video catches you up on everything right out of the gate so there’s no excuse to miss this taste of ultimate viral power.
Destructoid:   8.0/10
Prototype 2 is far more polished, varied, and ultimately superior to its predecessor. It falters due to us having already seen a lot of what it can do in the last game, and the sheer consistency of the chaos means it never reaches new heights and can drag on a little, but it nonetheless provides a gratuitous binge of bloodthirsty mayhem that should amuse anybody looking for a solid power fantasy. While not quite as fresh as the last installment, Prototype 2 is a laudable step forward for what I hope becomes a continuing series. I feel that the Mercer Virus, its victims, and those that seek to use it, have a lot more to offer, and after this entertainingly homicidal helping, I'm looking forward to whatever may come next.

Simply put, Prototype 2 is your number one choice for anybody who wants to inflict abject biological horror on an entire army of helpless individuals who are nonetheless just nefarious enough for you to feel justified.
GameSpot:   7.5/10
Prototype 2 is a safe sequel. It doesn't add anything particularly new or inventive to the genre, but small tweaks make it more accessible than the original game. Most importantly, it's an unabashedly fun adventure that doesn't have any doubt about what it wants to be. This is a game about killing enemies in an open-world environment, and little stands in the way to hinder your enjoyment. Mindless violence is is all the rage in Prototype 2, which makes for a stupid yet entertaining experience.
IGN:   7.0/10
Having no impact is kind of the M.O. of Prototype 2. I enjoyed leveling up Heller and completing side quests, but none of it really meant anything to me. Outside of the Achievements I have for my efforts, I doubt I'll remember much of Prototype 2's sterile side missions and curse word-laden dialogue. Prototype 2 is fun, but it sure is forgettable.
GameTrailers: 7.2/10
Where the original was intriguing for its gratuitously unhinged take on sandbox-enabled chaos, Prototype 2 feels like it’s just going through the motions. The series badly needs an injection of creativity if it’s to merit another installment. If you’re satisfied with the status quo, you’ll have a decent time running amok in this hazard-filled sandbox, but in spite of all the noise it makes, it’s quite unlikely to surprise you.


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