Review Round-Up: Awesomenauts

In a fighter for territorial supremacy, Awesomenauts combines action-packed gameplay and classic platforming elements into one awesome package. Lets take a look at what the critics have to say:

MetaCritic:   77/100

Destructoid:   9.5/10
The six heroes offer something for everyone, and some people will probably dislike a few heroes that others will love. With more heroes to follow as future content, some may worry that Awesomenauts may suffer the same fate as Dungeon Defenders did on XBLA. However, any new hero content will fall well under the size restrictions imposed by Microsoft, so there is no reason to hold off and wait for a potential PC version down the line unless you don't own either console. Perhaps the game would also benefit from a different mode down the line, such as a Domination/Dominion variant, but what is there in terms of content right now is well worth the price of admission alone.

Awesomenauts is one of the first great party games of the year, and it may well end up becoming the best. Get some friends together, try out the 30-minute online demo if you're unconvinced, and you'll have a blast whether the term MOBA frightens you or not.
GameInformer:   8.5/10
If you’ve been curious about MOBAs, you couldn’t pick a better place to start than Awesomenauts. The three-on-three battles are easier to get your head around, but there’s still a ton of depth in balancing your team and each character’s various power-ups and load outs. It’s one of the year’s early multiplayer highlights. Don’t miss it.
IGN:   7.0/10
Summoning a ghostly raging bull to smash the monkey into a turret? Nonsense, but a strong tactic. Blowing yourself up to slow down a group of invading attackers? Same deal. Awesomenauts loves how silly it is, but it takes its strategy seriously. This is a deeply tactical game, but it needs to be played a certain way. Awesomenauts requires patience, both to tolerate and enjoy it, especially if you’re playing against high-ranked players with objectively superior characters. You get what you put into Awesomenauts, so be prepared to commit to it if you throw your chips in.
GameSpot:   8.0/10
If you've never played a MOBA, Awesomenauts is a great place to start. Grab some friends, take the time to study up on your favorite characters, and you'll have a blast. MOBA pros may enjoy the fresh perspective and the quirky characters too. There are a couple of hiccups that can spoil the fun, but they're not frequent enough to ruin the experience. For just $10 or 800 Microsoft points, Awesomenauts is a great value offering a deep and rewarding competitive battleground.
OXM:   8.0/10
Awesomenauts’ peculiar mix of fast-paced 2D action and ever-shifting strategy plants it in a strange niche, but it also rewards adventurous players with hours of warfare and entertaining experimentation. With more characters coming via DLC, the options should expand even further.


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