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Review Round-Up: MineCraft

MineCraft is a game that took PCs by storm. IT didn't need the high end graphics as most game, just the gameplay was enough to establish a fan-base. It is now on the Xbox 360 and it looks like the fan-base followed, lets see what the critics have to say about Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition.

MetaCritic:   82/100

OXM UK:   10/10
4J has turned in an accomplished port, boasting crisp, high-resolution visuals and a reorganised inventory. We noticed the odd minor bug, like items that refuse to craft, but it's nothing you should lose sleep over. It's pushing it to say that this is the definitive version - thanks to Microsoft's certification procedures, the PC game will probably benefit from more frequent updates, and how Mojang intends to handle user mods like custom textures remains to be seen. In terms of console sims, though, nothing touches it. Minecraft's world is one that everybody should experience.
GameInformer:   8.75/10
...Minecraft more than delivers in most other ways. I’ve always been a fan of games that emphasize exploration and freedom, and that’s what Minecraft is at its core. I absolutely love the feeling I get from scaling a blocky mountain and seeing a wide-open expanse of pure possibility in the distance. It was revelatory when it was released on PC, and Xbox 360 players now have a chance to experience all the wonder that Minecraft offers.
GameTrailer:   8.0/10
Coming face to face these limits is momentarily jarring when it comes to a game that’s all about unbounded creativity, until you witness just how deep a sandbox this supposedly stripped-down version manages to provide. Minecraft on the Xbox 360 does an admirable job of reproducing the essence of its forbear, and on the strength of the local co-op, it also manages to improve upon it in a small but essential way.
Destructoid:   7.5/10
Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition was my first foray into Mojang's success story, giving me the chance to review this product as a game more than a port. Having already wasted more of my time than is sensible in Minecraft's strange little universe, I can see what all the fuss is about. I can also, however, see plenty of things to question and have been exasperated almost as much as I've been inspired. Minecraft is not a game I personally foresee playing a year from now, but should I look back on the hours already invested, I doubt I'll feel cheated. Indeed, Minecraft is endearing and regularly fascinates for as long as one's personal mileage can take them.

I don't regret the engrossing, addictive, and often boring adventure I've had. No matter how tired I may be by the end of a day's excavating, stone smelting, and undead slaying, I can say that, overall, it was worth the effort. Just about.
GameSpot:   7.0/10
While plenty of concessions were made to bring Minecraft to the Xbox 360, it's good to see that the overall depth and flexibility that made the original so engaging aren't completely sacrificed. However, despite the nice multiplayer options, the improved accessibility, and the refined crafting system, the missing elements are a sizable backslide from the PC version. But is the core foundation still a lot of fun? Absolutely--if you temper your expectations.


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