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Review Round-Up: Starhawk

Starhawk is a 3rd Person shooter that incorporates mechanics from the adventure and RTS genres. Factions build and battle over a resource known as Rift energy and you're right in the middle of it. Lets take a look at what the critics had to say.

MetaCritic:   78/100

IGN:   9.0/10
Like its protagonist, Starhawk is a half-breed, something out of the ordinary and against tradition. It picks up the narrative slack on the battlefield, where a simple strategy system is an inspiring spin on the third-person shooter.

This hybrid form of thinking and shooting has a layered depth that comes completely to life in multiplayer, where building a fortress to protect a flag is as fun as flying headlong into the enemy’s HQ. Combining these gameplay elements seems so obvious that, in hindsight, it’s a wonder it’s taken this long to take off.

The defining factors of Starhawk will, in all likelihood, garner a strong community to support it for years. Deservedly so: This is multiplayer at its finest, and it’s among the best you’ll find on any platform.
GameTrailers:   8.3/10
With a mix of on-foot gunplay, full on dogfights, and strategic base-building, Starhawk lets you find your niche or switch roles at the drop of a hat. While it doesn’t leverage this versatility to create new game types to call its own, its territory-based gameplay offers a wide range of tactical options to explore. Whether you’re looking for a more calculated action game or a strategy game with direct combat, Starhawk seamlessly blurs the line between both worlds.
GameSpot:   7.5/10
...Learning harsh lessons and recalibrating your approach isn't a pleasant process, but it's well worth pushing through. These online battlefields are unlike any others, and wielding weapons, soaring through the sky, and creating fortifications on the fly all add up to exciting action. Starhawk is a bold new frontier with a bounty of competitive and cooperative riches for those intrepid enough to seek them out.
GameInformer:   7.5/10
I really wanted to like Starhawk, and got some enjoyment out of the open battlefields, RTS elements, and large-scale matches. However, the lackluster single-player campaign is entirely forgettable, and without some more creative modes, the multiplayer’s lopsided (albeit entertaining) action keeps Starhawk grounded on the launch pad.
GamesRadar:   8.0/10
Starhawk is one of the most unique multiplayer experiences we played in a long time. The RTS elements create significant strategic depth and the action is a blast. Once we got a hang of the somewhat complicated gameplay systems of building bases and driving the various vehicles we didn't want to put the controller down. If you've been looking for engrossing, chaotic, large-scale multiplayer battles, Starhawk is going to satisfy your needs.


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