Its Game Over for GAME

If you've been keeping your nose in the news feeds for the past few weeks you may have come across several articles relating the GAME, one of the leading video game retailers in the UK. If you haven't here's the gist of it, GAME decided to not stock several new releases including Mass Effect 3 and a few other popular titles. This caused quite a stir in the gaming community as those loyal to game had to find alternate methods of attaining these games. What it boils down to is because of this move GAME lost a lot in terms of sales and is now filing for Administration (Bankruptcy).

This probably doesn't comes as a surprise to anyone after what GAME has been up to the past few weeks. There might have been hope that the company could rebound but with it loosing money and support something was bound to give. It uncertain what will become of the retailer, maybe a new company or it will be bought out, but the game is over for GAME.

[via Destructoid]


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