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Delays...Oh How They Burn.

In 2011, gamers had a year filled with games that missed there original release date. Although the year turned out to be a great one, waiting for a game to be released just to have it pushed back can be heart-wrenching. Gears of War 3 was delay almost five months and Mass Effect 3 was pushed into another year. It is now 2012, the year has just started and already games are seeing their original release date altered. Most recently Saber Interactive's Inversion was move from its February 7 release date to March 27 and while Max Payne 3 was originally scheduled for a March release, Take-Two has decided to move the game to a May release window.

Here's the shortlist of delayed games (so far):

Mass Effect 3 Demo [Delayed until February]
SSX [Delayed 2 weeks]
XCOM [Delayed until the next fiscal year]
Anarchy Reigns [Delayed until July]
Diablo III [Delayed, official release unknown]
Gotham City Impostors [Delayed until February]
Ghost Recon: Future Soldier [Delay until May]

Often when a game is delayed we usually hear the same reason, to allow developers to polish the game more, and we as gamers are eternally grateful for the work that needs to be done and the final product. However it is disappointing to see your favorite and most anticipated games get slapped with that delayed label. Its as if the trust between gamers, developer and publishers begin to waver when this happens. Developers do their best and however you look at it, delays are part of the industry and not much can be done about that.

Have any of the games you're expecting been delay? What do you do to pass the time until this game is released? What are your thoughts on the delays for this year so far and what game do you think will be delayed?


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