This Week In Releases

This week in releases is rather exceptional. Why you ask? Well because of one thing, the launch of Sony's next handheld the PS Vita. The Vita will be released this Wednesday, February 22. Although its release is this week several video game journalist sites have already reviewed the system and several games last week. Check out GameInfromer, IGN and Kotaku among others for their take on the console and the launch titles. Although the Vita maybe the highlight, there are great games being released. Asura's Wrath and Syndicate are both being released on the 21st with Alan Wake's American Nightmare being released on the 22nd. Additionally there will be a SSX demo dropping on the 21st. There's a lot to play this week, a new console, new IP, reboots and more. What are you most expecting this week? Are you getting a PS Vita?


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