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Nintendo E3 Press Conference Impressions

That does it for all the E3 Conferences, Nintendo has wrapped and although I was expecting to be blown away--Nintendo could only muster up a small breeze. Nintendo unfortunately stumbled into the same hole that Microsoft managed to dig the day before.

Nintendo started their conference strong with the reveal of a fan favorite Pikmin 3, showing off new gameplay and the bump in graphics that comes from running on the new Wii U. They showed off the Wii U gamepad and then they showed New Super Mario Bros. U. On the third party front, Batman Arkham City Armored Edition utilizes the Wii U gamepad and offers a different take on Rocksteady's game.

It's from here that I think Nintendo lost me. Wii Fit U Okay, that's expected, but what's up with Sing Nintendo. The third party trailer seemed to be same games from last years E3. Nintendo should have taken it upon themselves to showoff some more games from the third-party developers so we could see some more of the gamepads functionality and the power of Wii U. Although I do think the premise behind ZombiU is interesting.

Of course Nintendo can't forget the 3DS; announcing Luigi's Mansion 2, a new Paper Mario and New Super Mario Bros. 2. At this point I was just glossing over everything, don't get me wrong those are some great games but nothing really new.

To close out their conference Nintendo revealed Nintendo World which is a carnival-type world where you get access to several mini-games that take queues from  some of Nintendo's other franchises. Nintendo tried to appeal to everyone and in a way they did but I believe that they still stumbled abit with their press conference. You can check out their conference and trailers from Nintendo under the E3 2012 link.


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