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E3 2012 Has Come and Gone

E3 2012 is over and although it wasn't one of the best, there was still a lot of great gameplay footage from the show. If you didn't get to see your favorite game, here are two sites that have hours of footage--which also includes interviews with people around the industry and more.


Use those to catch up on what you may have missed from last week. On another note, this years E3 didn't do it for me. It was a complete let down. I'm not the only one that feels that way, many people within the industry felt that the big three failed to deliver with their conferences. Nintendo especially had an unbelievably weak show. As a gamer when I watch E3 I want to be WOWED; I want to sit there during the livestream or however I'm watching and be blown-away-- if not impressed by what I'm seeing. It means that the industry is still growing, not just on the hardware front but with new IPs as well.

For now it's time to put this years E3 behind us and look forward to what lies ahead. I'm looking forward to E3 2013, seeing as neither Sony or Microsoft have revealed their next console and that would be the perfect time to do it. Also hoping that we get to see several new IPs to go with the reveal of these new consoles. Maybe we can get a glimpse at what's ahead at Gamescom or the Tokyo Game Show later this year.

If I had to grade this years E3 I'd give it a C-. Ubisoft really did well on their conference and it was finally nice to see AC III in action but what it boils down to is that everything seemed too familiar--if that makes any sense.

Well, back to the regular flow of news from the industry.


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