Thoughts/Opinion: DmC: Devil May Cry (Demo)

When I first saw the reveal trailer for the Devil May Cry reboot I couldn't be more excited. After my time with Devil May Cry 4 I was left wondering when I'd see Dante again. In the upcoming DmC: Devil May Cry developed by Ninja Theory the studio decided to create a different origin story for Dante, making him younger and changing his look--to the dismay of many fans who have come to see Dante with his iconic white hair--now black. 

I'll make this short. I'm fully behind Ninja Theory with this reboot. Dante may not look the same (not that it ever bothered me) but it feels like a Devil May Cry game. After playing the recently released demo a few dozen times I've come away with a few things.

The first, the game looks beautiful. Being pulled from a drab, lifeless real world to the world of Limbo is where the game really pops. Limbo feels like it has a life of it's own and really adds to the over-the-top flare that we've all come to love about Devil May Cry. The way it tries to kill Dante and stop him from proceeding through the level is quite brilliant.

Second, the controls will take some getting used to. There's no dedicated lock-on button so performing certain signature actions like Stinger and Hightime are done complete different. There's now a singular button for launchers and for dodging with the two shoulder buttons acting as modifiers that trigger your angel and demo weapons. I'd say get the demo and practice until it feels comfortable. 

Third, each level has its own set of hidden collectibles. Find them gives you either orbs or usable items. Additionally within each level are sealed doors that require keys to open and YES you also have to find the keys. Once open they take you to an arena where you perform a specific objective before you can claim a life crystal (not sure if that's all you get, the demo doors only gave these)--thus extending you life. All the collectibles are recorded permanently when you find them and will always add to your completion bonus whenever you play said mission.

And last but not least the combat remains tried and true to the Devil May Cry name. It's fun, fluid, stylish and brutal--the demo only gives you the bare minimum of moves so there's lots of room to expand with the full game. Connecting a series of moves and hearing that announcement when you hit Savage(S) and higher(SS/SSS) in the stylish rank is a treat. Each weapons has its uses and combos and transitioning between them is seamlessly. You can bet there will be vids hitting the web with some very interesting combos.

In all I'd say Capcom and Ninja Theory have a winner. They are hitting all the right notes, Dante's cocky attitude, an upgradable combat system, an interesting world and story and lets not forget that we'll get to play as Vergil--what more could you ask for. DmC: Devil May Cry will be released next January, for those who can't wait do what I do and enjoy the demo until then. 


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