Updated: DmC Vergil's Dowfall Pre-order DLC

Well it seems that the DLC isn't an exclusive like I had originally thought. Those who pre-order from Gamestop will receive a code to redeem the DLC for free when it is released while others will have to pay 720MSP/$8.99 on the Xbox 360 and PS3 respectably. 

Original Post: It seems like the twin we all love (or hate) will be receiving an exclusive piece of DLC as a pre-order bonus. Pre-ordering from Gamestop will not only net you the Samurai Weapon Pack but it will also give you access the Vergil's Downfall DLC. If you have no plans on getting it from Gamestop then expect to wait awhile before you can play it. The game is out January 15th.

Now remember I mentioned a demo for the game, well I found an article (I think on x360a.org) that stated it would drop on November 20th. Now there's no confirmation but keep an eye out, the 20th is a week away.


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