GC 2018: Devil May Cry V: 15 Mins of Gameplay and Trailer

With Gamescom 2018 kicking off today it's no surprise that we're getting new information about a recently announced, fan favorite, Devil May Cry V. Nero is back but this time he's different, well his arm is at least. In the demo (below) we see him utilizing a robotic, disposable arm that gets used up as he continues to fight demons. What's interesting is that as he uses them up he's able to replenish them as pickups from the environment around him.

Devil May Cry has always been over the top and the trailer doesn't pull any punches there. From riding a rocket to using a bike as a weapon only to ride it again. Only Devil May Cry can pull something some wonderful off.

I was never expecting to get a release date for this so soon after it was announced but it seems we'll be able to get our hands on this early next year on March 8th. I can't wait.

Courtesy of Games News Network
Videos courtesy of IGN and Devil May Cry[Youtube]


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