Nintendo Switch Announcement

Yesterday Nintendo did something pretty cool. It officially announced its new console and no it wasn't the Nintendo NX as it was called. Instead we got a trailer of the Nintendo Switch, a console, for lack of a better word, seems so genius. It captures both the console and handheld market, much like the Wii U did but better.

One thing that immediately caught my attention from the first look video was how seamless the transition was from using the Switch as a console to a handheld device. Just put the two joystick controllers onto the mounted screen and go. Another thing was Skyrim running on the console which opens a lot of possibilities for the platform. More third-party supported games? One thing I did notice is that we're going back to cartridges, which I'm not sure how I feel.

Outside of being a unique design, wouldn't expect anything less from Nintendo, there are of course concerns. The battery, the amount of power the console will generate (with both Sony and Microsoft developing powerful machines), graphics and I'm sure others will find other things to pick at before the consoles release. However, for right now let's just enjoy what Nintendo is trying to do. The Switch is schedule to be released in March of 2017 with no price announced for it.


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