Microsoft E3 Countdown

So something that I've been meaning to write about that caught my attention, and probably yours as well, the countdown clock that has appeared on Major Nelson's Blog. Click HERE to check it out. Basically the countdown is slated to expire this June just in time for E3. Now let your imagination run wild as to what this could possibly mean; many are speculating that the new Xbox will be announced. That seems the most likely contender but in my opinion it's far too early to tell and why the need for the added fluff. If it is indeed the announcement of the next Xbox then I commend Microsoft on being able to keep under wraps for so long.

If Microsoft does announce the next Xbox in June when will we see it. Will it release before the end of the year? maybe next year? and what about Sony and the PlayStation 4? Will that make an appearance at E3 this year? If it isn't about the next Xbox then what could it possibly be? There is too much you can speculate about, even though we got a few rumors last year about both consoles. We'll just have to bide our time until E3 2013.


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