Mass Effect Andromeda - Andromeda Initiative Orientation Briefing

In another trailer that dropped alongside the Mass Effect Andromeda Cinematic Reveal Trailer, the Andromeda Initiative Orientation Briefing takes a different tact but reveals a lot more about the game. 

We find out the reason for the 600 year long journey which is basically to find habitable worlds in the Andromeda system. We also learn that their are three Arks including Hyperion, the one you're on, with a main hub called the Nexus that will be traveling to the Andromeda system. On each Ark is a Pathfinder, a mix of soldier, scientist and guide who runs the show.

The video goes on to say over the next coming weeks we'll be granted access to information about Arks, ground vehicles, first contact protocols and weapons and biotics training should we be accepted onto the Pathfinder team.

If you're interested in Joining the Andromeda Initiative head over HERE.

Courtesy of Games News Network


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