Tekken 7 Josie Rizal Dispute

Tekken is one of my favorite fighting franchises, so when the first article I read in the morning is this, it makes me a bit uneasy and upset. 

I met, as in watched the reveal trailer for, Josie Rizal yesterday and loved her fighting style. I'm even thought of adding her as one of my faves and I haven't even played with her yet. That's how much I like the character, even knowing so little. The same way I did Alisa, Lili, Larz and all my other favorite characters. Now at the time of watching I didn't know she was Filipino until I read the article by Kotaku.

So when I see it being said that she isn't authentic enough to be considered Filipino I think to myself REALLY. She's a character in a game that's based of a Filipino national hero. She's wearing the country's color and is using their fighting style but that's not enough. She has to be more aesthetically Filipino to actually count as being Filipino and to correct any misconceptions she maybe portraying. 

My take, there is nothing wrong with the character. Why fix what's not broken. Someone will just find some other fault with her the minute something changes.


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