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Thoughts/Opinion: Tales From The Borderlands-Zer0 Sum

So I just finished off Zer0 Sum, the first episode of Telltale Games latest series: Tales From The Borderlands and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Now I've played both of the Borderlands games, haven't tried the Pre-sequel yet, and I've played other Telltale Games. But there's something about Tales From The Borderlands that feels right at home in the craziness that is the Borderlands universe. Yes it's a point-and-click affair but everything Borderlands is here: loot and loot chests, guns, psycho migits, over-the-top badass action and lots of laughs.

By the end of my playthrough I wanted to drive right back into Zer0 Sum and make different choices to see the outcome. There's a story here that's interesting in the way it's delivered and how it expands on the world of Borderlands after Handsome Jack (*Spoilers*) dies at the end of the second game. With the multi-perspective approach you play as two characters, Rhys and Fiona, allowing you to unfold the story as they tell it in their own way. Along the journey you'll meet new and old characters that anyone who's played a Borderlands game and their respective add-ons will recognize. 

Some of the characters you'll come to love while others you're just dislike, *cough Vasquez. Rhys and Fiona bring something different to the table, especially Rhys with his bionic eye that can scan items in the world, granted mostly for a brief bio of sorts. Zer0 from Borderlands 2 makes an appearance and although you don't see her physically, Moxxi is also present among other notable entries. 

In all it's an enjoyable ride through Pandora. With the second episode, Atlas Mugged, already out I'm looking forward to heading back to Pandora on another journey with Rhys and Fiona.


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