OUYA Kickstarter Ends

When the OUYA kickstarter first launched I don't think anyone would have anticipated the amount of support it would receive and man did it receive a lot of support. The OUYA kickstarter capped off yesterday well above its initial goal of 950K and ended at a little above 8.5M with over 63, 000 backers. This is clearly a node to the big three, OUYA is here and it's going to be big.

Since it's announcement there have been several big reveals about OUYA; the first is that it will allow for streaming games using Onlive, they've announced their first 1st party title-Human Element, and several media streaming services will also be part of OUYA including VEVO, iHeartRadio, XBMC and TuneIn. Additionally OUYA has partnered with Square Enix to put Final Fantasy III on the console.

OUYA is causing quite a stir and you can expect more news before anyone can get their hands on the console which is expected to ship to backers in March 2013 and to everyone else sometime after.


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