Darksider II Gets Survival Arena

With Darksiders II set to be released in a week, Vigil has released another bit of information about the game. You will be able to play as Death and challenge waves of enemies in the games Arena Survival Mode. The Arena Survival Mode is set to see you fight five waves of enemies with the fifth wave being a boss fight. At the end of each set of waves you will be given the option to collect and item and quit or continue on up to the last wave [100] for better loot.

Vigil also announced that Darksiders II will feature a New Game+ that lets you take your skills and equipment into the next playthrough. 

Words cannot express how much I want to play this game. I thought War was a bad-ass in Darksider but Death brings a whole different attitude and cool that makes me want to see how he handles things.

The video(from IGN) below gives you a glimpse of the Arena mode and you can also checkout the official Darksiders page for more info and announcements.


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