Final Fantasy XVI: Demo Impression


Yes, I know this is quite late as the demo for Final Fantasy XVI was released back on June 12th, but it needs to be said that this is one of the best demos I've played to date.

The demo gives you two snippets from the game. The first few opening hours which ends in an unbelievable moment (no spoilers here). Once you finish that, it gives you a slice of the game a few hours in with unlocked abilities. One is story heavy while the other is more about the combat system.

Starting up the first story-related segment is a wonder. You're placed into control of the Phoenix Eikon with no idea of what's going on while you fighting against Ifrit. It transitions seamlessly to see you take control of Clive as he hunts for the Shiva Dominant. You're treated to some story related cutscenes that setup up the, and I hate to use it, Game of Thrones-like story. This story is DARK, that needs to be said upfront and honestly, for me--it works. Once this segment transitions over to younger Clive and you finish the tutorial, you'll set out on a mission for the king. At the end of this mission something happens and we get back to the first segment as we control Phoenix and fight Ifrit. This fight is over the top and bombastic. The music sores and really grips you as you play the on-the-rails type gameplay moment. I'll leave you to experience the ending of this for yourselves.

The second gameplay slice takes you further into the story and unlocks a few abilities to play around with. If you're a Devil May Cry fan this combat system will seem very familiar. Not because it's done by the same combat director, but as you switch between Eikon abilities to perform devastating combos, it all feels natural. Yet, it feels so different from other Final Fantasy games and that's not a bad thing at all. I would start a combo as the Phoenix and by the end of a battle I'd be on the Titan Eikon abilities finishing off the last guy with an over head smash. This segment has you infiltrating a castle and taking on another Dominant against a moon-lite night in a fight that feels so unbelievable and so so entertaining. 

Now this is just my opinion and others may feel differently toward the demo, and in general the game, but its amazing. With Final Fantasy XVI set to be released June 22, I know I'll be diving into that world completely and I can't wait. If the demo is any indicate of what the real game will be like, this game will be one for the books.

Stay tuned for my takeaway when the game drops.




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