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My Eminent Return

Hello there, if you're reading this you've probably noticed that I haven't done a posting in quite some time. There's a reason for that. Let me explain.

You see over the past few months I've been busy, with a lot of different things. So much so that I haven't been able to sit down and write a blog post or even put a few hours towards my favorite game(s). For starters I moved into a new position at work with a lot more responsibility and workload. Right after that I started looking into a new house while trying to release a Sci-Fi book I wrote and plan my upcoming wedding. I'm now have my own place with two weeks remaining for said wedding. Most would say that's quite a lot and yes I would agree but I wouldn't change anything that's happened in the past few months.

But now that all these major life changes will soon be behind me I plan to throw myself back into the fray with games, blogs and my writing. How do I plan to do that? Well I've pre-ordered this beast to help:

Yes that is exactly what it looks like. The Halo 5, 1 TB Xbox One. It's so lovely. Currently I don't have any of the current gen consoles and this will be the first I get. Words cannot express how excited I am to get this. More so than getting married in a few days (if my to be wife reads this, she'd have a few words about that). I'm looking forward to playing some great games with amazing graphics and gameplay and getting lost in unknown worlds with unknown heroes.

I know what you're thinking. I won't have time to play much with a wife and house that will take up all my attention, but the best thing about my wife, she's a gamer. So she can join me on some of my adventures and I can't wait. With what I've seen in terms of games coming out in the next few months [not to mention the several dozen that will soon be backwards compatible], we have a lot of options for co-op play.

With that said getting back to writing about games and playing them will be a nice change of pace. I hope everyone that reads this will come back as I begin a new adventure in life and with video games. It should be fun.

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