Kingdom Hearts 3 90 Seconds of Gameplay

About a week ago the first gameplay video of Kingdom Hearts 3 made its way to the internet. It came via the D23 Expo Japan 2013 celebrating the 90th Anniversary of the Walt Disney Company and the 30th Anniversary of the Tokyo Disney Resort.

The trailer sees Sora and company doing battle against several baddies and displays several new gameplay mechanics. What totally slays me is the transformation the Keyblade goes through, becoming a blaster. This new transformation is called, wait for it, Keyblade Transformation and varies depending on the Keyblade equipped. This new element is sure to hold a lot of surprises when KH 3 launches, I'm excited at the possibilities.

The trailer then goes into Sora fighting enemies while riding on the helm of a Pirate Ship and a battle between Sora and a titan while riding a roller coaster, which is impressive to say the least. This is called the Attraction Flow which, as I understand it, is an evolution of the Free Flow from KH 3D.

Kingdom Hearts 3 was announced to be in development back at E3 earlier this year. Fanboys rejoiced as they saw Sora in battle against hordes of heartless--it was wonderful. Then the dust settled and it was revealed that we'd have to wait some time to get our hands on the game itself. Well, being one of those fanboys, I can't wait to play KH 3 and I don't mind waiting.


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