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GameInformer Reveals More About Infamous Second Son

Recently Game Informer revealed the cover for their June issue. This issue, which should be available now for digital subscribers and in a few weeks for printer subscribers, has be dubbed the "definitive" PlayStation 4 issue. It covers everything PS4, from the future of the console to the new swanky controller to games. Games like Infamous: Second Son from Sucker Punch. Second Son will have a 10-page spread in the issue that will most likely be filled with juicy bits about the upcoming PS4 exclusive.

Here's what I know so far about Infamous: Second Son (in list form, because who doesn't like a nice list): 
  • The game takes place in  Seattle, now under lock down.
  • You play as Delsin Rowe, a 24-year-old rebel with a cause.
  • Cole MacGrath, the protagonist from the first two Infamous games, is in fact dead.
  • Delsin doesn't know he is a Conduit at first and can absorb the abilities of others, a la Peter Petrelli from Heroes :). His first being the ability to control smoke.
  • The Department of Unified Protection, a government agency, has been rounding up Conduits.
  • Delsin uses a chain to perform melee combos and can imbue it with his abilities
For now that's all I can tell you about the game with a certainty, but make sure to check out Game Informer daily as they have a month long campaign going that will be revealing exclusive Second Son content. You can check out the Infamous: Second Son HUB for all latest information.

I'm excited to learn more about Infamous: Second Son, the first two games were brilliant. If this is a launch title for PS4 then Sony already has me down for a console.

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