Bungie Unveils Destiny

For a long time we were in the dark about Bungie's next big venture after handing the Halo series over to 343 Industries, who did a bang-up job with Halo 4 I might add. After images and details leaked awhile back and everyone heard the name Destiny tied with it, we wanted to know more. Bungie has officially lift the lid off their next project and here it is via the first ViDoc. 

All I have to say about it right now is that it seems very ambitious and a complete departure from anything current out there right now. From what I've heard and seen it's not an MMO but is does let you play with friends and isn't subscription based. There is also a social aspect to it going by the integration with mobile devices. Hopefully we'll get to see actual gameplay at E3 or maybe before that in another ViDoc but until then check out the first ViDoc below.


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