Bioshock Infinite New Box Art

Last week Irrational Games released the new box art for Bioshock Infinite coming next year. The box art shows main character Booker DeWitt looking all bad-ass, shotgun in hand and the flag burning in the background. It's impressive many would say. I however don't really fancy it. The lack of Elizabeth on the cover next to DeWitt or anywhere (on the front) doesn't do it for me. Yes you'll be playing as Booker but Elizabeth is also a key part of the game, it would have been nice to see her upfront and center. But that's just me, others think it's OK while others share a similar opinion to mine. 

Elizabeth is however on the back of the box but that's the back of the box. Seriously, how often do you look at the back of a game box after you've purchased it. Most likely you only do the initial glance the moment you get it in your hands and then never look back there again.


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